The Leadership of Highland County Volunteer Rescue Squad is comprised of  the Volunteer Officers and the Highland County Volunteer Rescue Squad Board of Directors. The Officers are comprised of the Executive and Operational Branches. Volunteer Officers and Board Members are elected by the membership bi-annually each December.

Volunteer Officers

Captain (Serves on Board)

Lieutenant (Appointed)

Quartermaster (Serves on Board)

President (Chairman of the Board)

Vice President (Deputy Chairman of the Board)

Secretary (Serves on Board)

Treasurer (Serves on Board)

Chaplain (Appointed)

Board of Directors Members

3 At-Large Members


Vice President





The Highland County Volunteer Rescue Squad is an all volunteer organization that answers roughly 240-300 calls each year. Highland County provides paid personnel to help with administrative and operational leadership, as well as Advanced Life Support (ALS) assists. This squad is very dependent on people like you to volunteer your time to provide care for those in need. Volunteering has many intangible benefits and is exceptionally rewarding for our providers.

Senior Membership

Senior membership is the standard membership category for those who volunteer with our agency. Senior members complete EMT courses as well as emergency vehicle driving certification. They provide patient care during EMS incidents, operate equipment and become leaders capable of coordinating the activities of other volunteers. Senior members are typically the members who go on to hold operational and administrative leadership positions within the agency.

  • Monthly Duty Requirements: 24 Hours (Full Active) 12 Hours (Part Active)
  • Meeting Requirements: 50%
  • Voting Privileges: Yes
  • Eligible for Office: Yes (Full Active) Appointed Only (Part Active)

Associate Membership

Associate Provider Membership is designed to allow a reduced time requirement for those volunteers who may work in other related positions, in the CSEMS Region such as public safety or healthcare but do not maintain HCVRS as their primary EMS agency. Associate membership must be approved by the membership and requires the applicant show that they are involved in another occupation or volunteer position that relates to EMS and that they are unable to commit to the standard time requirements. Associate Members are required to complete an Affiliate Form to document they remain in good standing at their primary agency. Examples of some of our associate members include personnel from paid or volunteer fire/rescue agencies, police officers and nurses. In addition, Associate EVOC membership allows people who have an interest in driving, but not rendering patient care. These members may take a certified EVOC course after acceptance to learn how to operate our ambulances, and become familiar with various equipment.

  • Monthly Duty Requirements: None
  • Meeting Requirements: Review Minutes
  • Voting Privileges: No
  • Eligible for Office: No

Support Membership

Support members are the people who work behind the scenes to keep our agency functioning. Support members do not answer calls but play a vital role in our success. Examples of tasks which can be performed by support members include: fundraising, book-keeping and accounting, station maintenance and communication with the public and our donors and more. Support Members can be Junior Administrative Members ages 14-21 and adults ages 18 and over.

There are no specific time requirements of support members for duty or call responses as they typically take on specific tasks, which vary in time requirement. This membership category is open to any person who wishes to volunteer but does not want to answer EMS calls. Support Members can gain excellent job experience by taking on functions in the business side of the agency such as marketing, public-relations, IT, graphic-design, fundraising and many more. If you are interested in administrative membership please submit an application and contact the Vice-President of the agency to discuss what talents and knowledge you are willing to lend to the success of our agency!

  • Monthly Duty Requirements: None
  • Meeting Requirements: 50%
  • Voting Privileges: Varies
  • Eligible for Office: Varies

Junior Membership

Junior Membership is designed for students age 14-17 who are interested in the EMS field. It is a great way to introduce a student to community service, the medical field, and non-profit groups as well as providing exposure to a number of potential career fields not limited strictly to EMS or the medical industry.

Parents/Guardians: Prior to being allowed to join, the membership chair will schedule a meeting with you and the potential member to discuss what is expected from both sides.  If you or your child have questions pertaining this membership, please email our Membership Committee Chair (TVarner@HighlandRescue.net) and your questions will be answered as soon as possible.

There are some limits on junior members such as and not being allowed to stay late on school nights. Also junior members are not allowed to drive our vehicles and are restricted from certain call types if possible. All of this will be explained during the initial meeting with member and parent/guardian.

  • Monthly Duty Requirements: Exempt during school year
  • Meeting Requirements: 50%
  • Voting Privileges: No
  • Eligible for Office: No
  • School Requirements: "C" Average or above, must present report cards quarterly.