Updated:  1 May 2018


Giving Life to Our Community

Billing Office:

​      Emergency Support Service, LLC

Revenue Recovery:

November 1, 2014 HCVRS initiated Revenue Recovery to assist in funding the day to day operations of the Squad as well as long term goals of the agency. 

What is revenue recovery?

In an effort to maintain and continually improve the quality of emergency service to the community, HCVRS will begin billing primary and secondary insurance for emergency services.

Emergency ground transportation is a benefit of most insurance plans that has not historically been billed by HCVRS. By recovering available revenue and putting it to work in our community, we hope to meet the area's growing demand for service. The revenue collected from insurance reimbursement will supplement the current and sole source of funding of community donation contributions. The revenue further funds the HCVRS 501 (c)3 mission. These funds will be used to maintain and improve equipment, vehicle, building, training and membership incentive programs in an effort to provide the highest quality emergency service.

Do patients pay for service?

Only after primary and secondary insurance benefits have been collected and even then there are alternatives to personal payments available.

What if I do not have insurance?

If you have a subscription your care is paid; if you do not then you may apply for a financial hardship exemption. When you make a contribution equal or greater than the cost of a subscription to HCVRS, you receive a subscription that covers all costs beyond your insurance benefits for the year.

Will you ever deny service for financial reasons?

NO! Our primary goal is to provide you with the care you need, regardless of your financial state.

HCVRS will not refuse care and transport to any individual based on insurance coverage or the ability to pay. The same quality of emergency care will be provided in the response of all emergency calls. 

Will providing billing information delay my care?

No! As with all heath care providers, your care is our first priority. Gathering of information is secondary to providing care and will occur at a later time. 

How will revenue be used? 

HCVRS has developed a strategic plan that defines how funds will be used to meet the growing demand for service. The operating expenses for providing EMS requires a significant amount of supplies. These supplies whether they are medical supplies used or with expiration dates including medications, or the general operations of the emergency vehicles and buildings. 

How can I sign up for a subscription plan? 

HCVRS has forms available at the office as well as in all of our vehicles. You can also visit Emergency Support Services' website for the Subscription and Financial Assistance forms.  These can be found under the "Patient Guide" tab on their website:
www.ess911.com and click on the Highland County Rescue Squad links under the appropriate tabs.

Implementation Timeline

On November 1, 2014 HCVRS implemented the Revenue Recovery Process for services rendered. 

What is the billing process?

           1. The patient is provided with emergency medical care and transported to the hospital.

           2. Transport data is given to the billing office.

           3. The billing office verifies patient information and submits the claim to available primary and secondary insurance.

           4. If there is a balance after all the insurance has been paid, the patient receives a statement for the balance with

                  payment options.

           5. Payment options are available, including subscription programs. There is also a financial hardship option for

                  households meeting the defined criteria.

How do I pay my bill or have more questions?

You may contact our billing office, Emergency Support Services, (ESS) at 540-213-0528 or toll free at 877-331-4261. Payments can be made online at www.ess911.com or they can mailed to or by visiting their office:

Emergency Service Support, LLC
50 Middlebrook Avenue
PO Box 2828
Staunton, VA 24402

Still have questions?

You may contact our billing office, www.ess911.com at anytime for more information including the subscription forms, HIPAA, the Revenue Recovery program, or how your claim will be handled.