Updated:  1 May 2018

Giving Life to Our Community

Medical Director, Leadership and Officers

Operational Medical Director (OMD):

Asher Brand, MD


County Career Staff:

County EMS Coordinator    

Chris Vernovai, Paramedic             cvernovai@highlandrescue.net


2018 Executive Officers:

Ashley Ross, EMT                           

Dawn Varner, EMT                         

Jack Schooler, EMT                        

Brenda Helmuth                              

Junior Administrative Assistant
Austin Ailstock    

​2018 Operational Officers:

Nick Shifflett, EMT-I                         nshifflett@

Laura Lambert, EMT                         llambert@highlandrescue.net

Mary Schooler, EMT


Ben Schooler                                    bschooler@highlandrescue.net                                          

Chaplain Staff:

James Helmuth                               jhelmuth@highlandrescue.net

Robby Redd                                    rredd@highlandrescue.net


Junior Member Advisers:



Associate Providers:

Deryk Botkin, Paramedic                              dbotkin@highlandrescue.net

Abby Campbell, EMT, EVOC                              acampbell@highlandrescue.net

Justin Siron, Paramedic                                jsiron@highlandrescue.net

Aaron Will, Paramedic                                  awill@highlandrescue.net

Bobby Wright, Intermediate                       bwright@highlandrescue.net

Junior Members:

Austin Ailstock                  aailstock@highlandrescue.net

Kay Douglas                     kdouglas@highlandrescue.net

Charlotte Shell                     cshell@highlandrescue.net

Will Thomas                       wthomas@highlandrescue.net

Isaac Varner                         ivarner@highlandrescue.net



Active Membership:

Brenda Allamong, EMT Student, EVOC                        ballamong@highlandrescue.net

Terry Allamong,Trainee                                  tallamong@highlandrescue.net

Ray Bowkley, EMT*, EVOC                                    rbowkley@highlandrescue.net

Todd Brendel, Intermediate, EVOC                              tbrendel@highlandrescue.net

Joel Brown, EMT Student, EVOC                        jbrown@highlandrescue.net

Diane DiGiugno, EVOC                                 ddigiugno@highlandrescue.net

Joe DiGiugno, EMT Student                         jdigiugno@highlandrescue.net

James Helmuth, EMT*                                    jhelmuth@highlandrescue.net

Kendrick Helmuth, EMT, EVOC                                khelmuth@highlandrescue.net

Richard Helmuth, EMT, EVOC                                 rhelmuth@highlandrescue.net

Jason High, Trainee                                    jhigh@highlandrescue.net

Laura Lambert, EMT, EVOC                                 llambert@highlandrescue.net

Jimmy Landrum, EMT, EVOC                                jlandrum@highlandrescue.net

John Montgomery, Paramedic, EVOC                      jmontgomery@highlandrescue.net

Kristie Moyers, EMT, EVOC                                      kmoyers@highlandrescue.net

Mark McLaughlin, EMT, EVOC                                 mmclaughlin@highlandrescue.net

Yvonne McLaughlin, EVOC                                 ymclaughlin@highlandrescue.net

Ben Schooler, EVOC                                    bschooler@highlandrescue.net

Jack Schooler, EVOC                                    jschooler@highlandrescue.net

Mary Schooler, EMT                                     mschooler@highlandrescue.net

Walking Bear Murray, AEMT, EVOC                        amurray@highlandrescue.net

Robby Redd, EMT Student, EVOC                        rredd@highlandrescue.net

Ashley Ross, EMT, EVOC                                        aross@highlandrescue.net

Andrew Shell, EMT, EVOC                                            ashell@highlandrescue.net

Joe Shell, EMT, EVOC                                            jshell@highlandrescue.net

Michael Shell, EMT, EVOC                                      mshell@highlandrescue.net

Nick Shifflett, Intermediate, EVOC                            nshifflett@highlandrescue.net

Lauren Siron, EMT Student, EVOC                        lsiron@highlandrescue.net

Gary Simmons, EMT, EVOC                                     gsimmons@highlandrescue.net

Jed Thomas, Intermediate, EVOC                              jthomas@highlandrescue.net

Debbie Trible, EMT Student , EVOC                        dtrible@highlandrescue.net

Delmar Vandevender, EVOC                             dvandevender@highlandrescue.net


​Dawn Varner, EMT, EVOC                                        dvarner@highlandrescue.net​

Trenda Varner, Trainee                                       tvarner@highlandrescue.net

Doug Whitmore, EMT, EVOC                                dwhitmore@highlandrescue.net

Brittany Young, EMT Student                        byoung@highlandrescue.net

​(*precepting / in training status)

Support Members:

Brenda Helmuth                  bhelmuth@highlandrescue.net

Steven R. Fines, EMT                srfines@highlandrescue.net

Roberta Lambert, EMT                rlambert@highlandrescue.net

Jaimie Simmons                     jmsimmons@highlandrescue.net

Dot Terry                      dterry@highlandrescue.net

Shelley Thomas                sthomas@highlandrescue.net

Honorary Members:

Jonathon Hartzler, EVOC                              jhartzler@highlandrescue.net

Charles Marcum  (Active Duty, USMC)

Seth McLaughlin

Jasper Miller

Shirley Miller

​John Wright

The following business owners where inducted into HCVRS as Honorary Members in January 2015 due to their long time and on going commitments and support to HCVRS. We greatly appreciate all in which they have done for our agency over the years. Thank you!

Brightway Exxon
      Mark Waybright

Lightner’s Electrical
      David and Dorothy Lightner
      Robert Lighnter

Inactive Life Members:

Beth Armstrong

Paul Klein

Betty Rexrode

Richard Waybright

Ronald Wimer


Associate Drivers:

Richard Bussard, EVOC                                 rbussard@highlandrescue.net

Jonathon Hartzler, EVOC                              jhartzler@highlandrescue.net

David Heatwole, EVOC                                 dheatwole@highlandrescue.net

Burgundy Hicks, EVOC                                bhicks@highlandrescue.net

Steve Fines, Trainee*                                      slfines@highlandrescue.net

RC Pullin, EMT, EVOC                                   rpullin@highlandrescue.net

​Jamie Will, EVOC                                         jwill@highlandrescue.net