Updated:  1 May 2018


Giving Life to Our Community

Emergency Medical Technician - Intermediate (EMT-I)

The Intermediate program is designed to certify technicians to a mid-level of pre-hospital advanced life support care in Virginia. These programs fulfilled all the requirements of the Virginia EMS Education Standards at the Intermediate level.

All skills and subjects contained in the curriculum for Intermediate are covered for a minimum of 250 hours of didactic instruction and a minimum of 156 hours devoted to extensive clinical rotations in specialty units and field internship rotations.  Clinical and field rotations of this type are not usually available for lower level providers.  These additional clinical rotations include time spent in Critical Care Units, Cardiac Catheterization Units, Labor & Delivery Units, Pediatrics and Emergency Department facilities. 

The Intermediate program is designed to educate the technician in the following areas of pre-hospital care:  preparatory skills, airway management and ventilation, patient assessment, trauma, medical, special considerations and assessment based management.

Students who successfully complete this course are eligible to take the National Registry of EMTs psychomotor and cognitive assessment exams which lead to certification at the Intermediate level in the State of Virginia. This program is being discontinued in 2019 as the NREMT has only agreed to continue testing until such time. The current EMT-Is in Virginia will be able to maintain their certification as long as they do not allow it to expire without completing the required hours of continuing education (CE). The training at the Intermediate level was discontinued in our region in 2017. Providers who wish to become an ALS provider will have the option to take either the AEMT or Paramedic courses. 

In the United States, EMTs are certified according to their level of training. Individual states set their own standards of certification (or licensure, in some cases) and all EMT training must meet the minimum requirements as set by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) standards for curriculum. The National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) is a private organization which offers certification exams based on NHTSA education guidelines. Currently, NREMT exams are used by 46 states including Virginia, as the sole basis for certification at one or more EMT certification levels. An NREMT exam consists of skills and patient assessments known as the psychomotor exam as well as a written portion.

​Once certified EMT-Intermediates must continue their education to be recertified at the NREMT level completing 55 hours every two years. Many training opportunities are offered locally here in Highland as well as in the CSEMS Region and throughout Virginia to complete these hours.

​For a list of current EMT and CE classes with the CSEMS Office, visit their website at www.CSEMS.org.