Updated:  1 May 2018


Giving Life to Our Community

FEMA Training

*New Requirements

To reduce the risk of identity theft, FEMA, the National Fire Academy (NFA), and the Emergency Management Institute (EMI) are eliminating the use of the Social Security Number (SSN), where possible when applying for training. FEMA has implemented the use of a Student Identification (SID) number. You will be required to obtain and use the SID in applying for NFA or EMI courses. This number will be used in place of the SSN on your application. 
Read more about this new application process.  To apply for an SID please follow the steps here.


Under federal regulations, ALL EMS, Fire, Law Enforcement and Local, State and Federal Employees who are involved in an emergency or disaster response or planning are required to become NIMS Certified. 

All EMS Staffing (Volunteer or Career) shall complete the following NIMS training courses:

            NIMS 100b, 200b, 700a and 800b.

            NIMS Training can be found at https://training.fema.gov/nims/


            It is highly recommended that operational officers complete the 300 and 400 training courses. One recourse to locate a NIMS 300 and 400 classes can be found at the VDFP training website.

Hazardous Materials (Haz-Mat): 

ALL EMS, Fire, Law Enforcement who are involved in an emergency response are required to obtain a minimum of HazMat Awareness Training. This online training is available through various rescources or can be btained through a traditional classroom setting. 

The online access for this IS-5a, Introduction to Hazardous Materials Training at FEMA is available at https://training.fema.gov/is/courseoverview.aspx?code=IS-5.a.