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2016 News

2016-2017 EMT-Intermediate Class

Please join us in congratulating two of our 2015-2016 HCVRS EMT Class graduates in being accepted to the CSEMS 2016-2017 EMT-Intermediate Program. EMTs Ashley Ross and Steven R. Fines had successfully completed the EMT Class held here in Monterey at the Highland County High School graduating on April 19, 2016. While they continue their training on the road with HCVRS as EMTs, they are continuing to advance their education to the Intermediate Level Provider. Ashley and Steven will continue their training starting on 29 September through June of 2017 learning advanced assessment skills, cardiac rhythm recognition and interventions through a wide variety of medication therapies. Once they complete this training they will undergo rigorous testing processes both written and physical followed by a precepting period in which they will be working under another Intermediate or a Paramedic ensuring competency with the protocols and the Operational Medical Director's requirements. 

​The Intermediate program is designed to certify technicians to a mid-level of pre-hospital advanced life support care in Virginia. This program fulfills all the requirements of the Virginia EMS Education Standards at the Intermediate level. All skills and subjects contained in the curriculum for Intermediate are covered for a minimum of 272 hours of instruction with a minimum of 156 hours devoted to extensive clinical rotations in specialty units. In addition to the above, the candidate must complete patient contact calls in which they act as the Field Team Leader (FTL) on an ALS ambulance. Clinical rotations of this type are not usually available for lower level providers. These additional clinical rotations include time spent in OR/Recovery Units, Critical Care Units, Labor & Delivery Units, Pediatrics, Emergency Department and Mental Health Clinics. The Intermediate program is designed to educate the technician in the following areas of pre-hospital care: preparatory skills, airway management and ventilation, patient assessment, trauma, medical, special considerations and assessment based management. Students who successfully complete this course are eligible to take the National Registry of EMTs psychomotor and cognitive assessment exams which lead to certification at the Intermediate level in the State of Virginia.

Currently HCVRS has 2 active Intermediate Providers, Jed Thomas and Todd Brendel. Both Jed and Todd are also Officers with HCVRS, Jed as the Captain and Todd as the President. Jed and Todd are both graduates of the 2011-2012 CSEMS Intermediate Program and have continued to remain valuable assets for both HCVRS and Highland County. We greatly anticipate the additions of Ashley and Steven to the list of our Intermediate Providers here at HCVRS.

​2015-2016 HCVRS EMT Class Graduates

Please join us in congratulating our HCVRS EMT Class in their successful completion of the EMT Class that was held at the Highland County Public Schools in partnership with the Central Shenandoah EMS Council (CSEMS). The first night of class was met with 15 students. By the second month there where still 12 happy and eager EMT students looking forward to serving our county as the newest EMTs for HCVRS. When the class was completed on 19 April all 12 students where completing their final steps to test as a Nationally Registered Emergency Medical Technician (NREMT). The testing process is rigorous as we want to have the best possible candidates to advance as they are potentially the difference between life and death for their patients. The testing process includes completing the NREMT psychomotor exam consisting of a medical assessment and management patient scenario, a trauma assessment and management scenario and a random skills test in which they randomly must perform a skill station in which they blindly choose from one of 7 possibilities. Once they pass this strenuous testing process they must then complete the NREMT adaptive written exam.

​As of 10 August 2016 we are very proud to say that 9 of the 12 students have successfully completed this process and are now in the precepting or mentoring process. The 3 remaining students are in their final stages of testing and we hope to have them precepting in the coming weeks!


Please join us in congratulating our HCVRS EMS Coordinator, Chris Vernovai, as the recipient of this year’s Shenandoah EMS Council 2016 Senior Rescue Squad Member of the Year Award! 

"Chris has shown an unwavering, endless source of commitment to our community as a Paramedic provider, an educator, role model and community member," said Chad Blosser, Executive Director of the Shenandoah EMS Council. 

Read the article here thanks to our local newspaper, the Recorder, allowing free access.​

CLICK HERE to view the CSEMS article regarding Chris Vernovai and the Senior Rescue Squad Member of the Year Award.


​HCVRS members recognized by the Virginia OEMS, VA Department of Health during EMS week.

EMS Week "EMS Strong" Essay contest last month awarded prizes to the writer, Abby Hutchinson, and her winning subject, Mary Schooler. 

We congratulate them not only for this award, but both deserve recognition for their tireless HCVRS dedication to our community.

A special THANK YOU to the Recorder, our local newspaper, for allowing free access to the full article online.

Recorder photo by John Bruce