Updated:  1 May 2018


Giving Life to Our Community

2013 News


Please join us in CONGRATULATING our Captain, Chris Vernovai in being Awarded CSEMS 2013 Outstanding EMS Administrator Award Winner! 

 We are proud to have such a dedicated Captain representing HCVRS!

Recipients of this year’s regional awards compete for the 2013 Governor’s EMS Awards, which will be announced at the Virginia EMS Symposium’s Annual Awards Ceremony, November 10, in Norfolk, Va. Winners will be presented with a trophy and a certificate signed by the Governor.

CLICK HERE  to view the CSEMS article on Captain Vernovai and the EMS Administrator Award.

50th Anniversary Raffle and Celebration

THANK YOU to everyone that fought the rain and joined us in Celebrating 50 years at the Fairgrounds and School in Monterey Saturday!

As usual in our community, there is a long list of names and groups that supported and donated their time, talent and funds to make this event a success as well as day to day activities. 

We are and have been a 100% Volunteer and Donation based Agency for 50 years which is rare and an accomplishment in itself. This wouldn't have been possible with YOU, the supporting community! From fundraisers, donations and membership we thank you.

Thank you to all the local businesses, friends and family members helping spread the word and assist in selling raffle tickets. 

Thank for each and every ticket purchase! We truly appreciate the donations and wished everyone the best of luck at winning. 

We'd again like to thank Brian Tankersley at Mitchell Chevrolet for not only sponsoring the Grand Prize of the 2013 Camaro, and funding ticket printing and use of the trailer, but for all his professional and friendly service. 

Thank you to our member, Dave Heatwole at Mountain Oasis Firearms in McDowell for sponsoring the 2nd Prize: Weatherby 270 Winchester.

Thank you to Brenda Pullin at Hunting Grounds Monterey for sponsoring our 4th Prize Remington 870 12 Gauge.

Thank you to Elmer Waybright and the Highland County Volunteer Fire Department for the gracious donation of a number of enormous and beautiful mums for auction. 

Thank you Jaimie Will, our member and winner of the 50/50 Cash Raffle for generously donating the winnings back to the Rescue Squad. 

Thank you to the Highland School System for allowing us to utilize the cover of gym and cafeteria with short notice from the weather outside. 

Thank you to the Monterey Lions Club for all of their volunteer's time and equipment in holding Bingo and 100% funds raised donation to the Rescue Squad. 

Thank you to Steve Pitsenbarger for donating their time in organizing, running and donating 100% of the funds raised to the HCVRS from multiple Cornhole Tournaments throughout the day. 

Thank you to Vicky Simmons for donating their time, equipment and some incredible singing performances fun with Karaoke.

Thank you to Sarah Chaney for volunteering spending hours of face painting and "tattoo" talent for the kids.

Thank you to everyone that baked and donated cakes, cookies, cinnamon rolls and brownies for our auction. Mary Schooler, Hap Darragh, Kristie Moyers, Dot Terry, Abby Hutchinson, Trenda Varner, Crissy Marshall, Robin Brendel, the Highland Elementary PTO, Lee Ralston and Dawn Varner all fed Highland's Sweet tooth! We had impressive variety that will be enjoyed by the generous winners. 

Thank you to everyone that bid and the winners of our baked goods at the auction. Your gestures were incredible and if you were lucky enough to win, we truly hope you enjoy each bite. 

Thank you to Bill Bratton for volunteering his time and talent auctioning our cakes and mums.

Thank you for the Highland Elementary PTO for providing an impressive menu and great food throughout the event. 

Thank you for McDowell, Highland County and Bolar Fire Departments for preparing for multiple extrication demonstrations and Jerry's Wrecker, Chuck Smith and Hiner's Automotive for donating the cars, even though we were rained out. 

Thank you to Fred Whitelaw for organizing and attempting to hold the Car Show but was forced to postpone due to weather conditions. He has also generously offered to donate the funds raised to HCVRS.

Thank you to Ellen and Eugene Ratcliffe filling the dance floor with smiles as they volunteered to call square dancing with the ever popular performance of Johnny Simmons band and Rare Gold as they played live. 

Thank you AirCare 5 for planning to attend but were unable due to adverse weather conditions. 

Thank you to the Army National Guard for being "Army Strong" and enduring the weather outside with pedal cars and more for the kids. 

Thank you to VA Chip that traveled hours to arrive with a wealth of priceless protection technology systems for our children and adults to utilize. 

Thank you to the Virginia State Police and the SRT; Search and Recovery Team, especially HCVRS member Todd Brendel, for taking the time to demonstrate some of the extensive training and response equipment including diving gear utilized in their specialist team. 

Thank you to Central Shenandoah Valley Safe Kids Coalition for providing a wealth full of free educational safety information material for both children and adults. 

Lastly, but certainly not least, we would also like to again THANK our members for their time and effort in selling tickets and organizing activities in the weeks and months before. Especially the handful of dedicated members that, after many hours of preparation before, during and after this event didn't hesitate to respond to a number of 911 calls, during and after the celebration as well. 

THANK YOU to everyone! 
We couldn't have done it without you.